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About Cyberpunkery

Covering the Best in Cyberpunk, Tech-Noir, and Future-Dystopian Media

About the Site

Cyberpunkery aims to provide curated and original content on cyberpunk, tech-noir, and future-dystopian media. The term “cyberpunkery” refers quite literally to cyberpunk, but also anything else of a certain ilk to which the terms cyber, noir, techno, electro, retro, robotic, futuristic, dystopian, synth, or punk can be applied. This covers video games, movies, television series, music, books, comics, art, and even real life to some degree. The focus is on retro or classic things but reserving space for the modern things whose design, composition, or aesthetic are informed by their predecessors. Content on this site is both original, as written by us, and curated from some of the best sources available on the web. If a story is curated, we will always include a credit to the author and a link to the source. If you’d like to help us curate content for this site, please feel free to tip us. We will give you full credit for the info alongside the author credit.

Photo Credit

Photo by Salty Justice on Unsplash