The new IC3PEAK Video, “This World Is Sick” Is an Intense and Short Trip Through a Wintry Hellscape

The Russian electronic duo IC3PEAK aren't interested in holding back on the intensity in their new video, "This World is Sick"

Admittedly, I don’t know a lot about IC3PEAK. I know they are Russian. I know they are comprised of members Nick and Nastya. And I know they create some pretty abrasive and unique music. Describing themselves using words like “audiovisual terror” and “futuristic opera,” the duo create an intense, female-fronted blend of industrial, edm, grime, dub, electro, and noise—a style often referred to as witch house. The duo don’t seem interested in holding anything back in terms of antagonistic intensity, as evidenced in their latest video for the song “This World is Sick.”

The visual component of the duo is obviously very important. While the music alone is still very intense, it is with the visual element that you truly get a sense of the absolute insanity that defines this band’s style. In the above video, we see IC3PEAK’s Nick and Nastya trudging through a hellish wintry wasteland as Nastya raps about coping with a cruel, screwed up world. “This world is sick, my heart feels it, this world is dark, my heart lights up,” she vociferates and then pauses as both members breath heavily, as though they are struggling to survive in the hostile, frozen environment.

The song is short. Clocking in at one minute and fifty seconds, it is just as long as it needs to be to make a lasting impression. Having just recently discovered them, I can honestly say that IC3PEAK has continuously done so for me.

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