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The indie game store has a history of interesting game jams, a cyberpunk themed one definitely has our attention. Because obviously.

Indie game store, has a history of hosting interesting game jams. For example, the CGA game jam they hosted back in 2017 produced some notable and enjoyable little games such as the hard-as-heck platformer Scanline.

For those unaware, a game jam is basically a hack-a-thon for game developers. It calls for indie devs to produce original games following a certain theme which can then be submitted and showcased on’s game jam page. The jams put a big spotlight on some talented indie developers and have helped some of them flourish in the scene.

One of the current jams the site is hosting is a cyberpunk themed one, which is calling for devs to produce games with cyberpunk themes, naming Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Neuromancer, etc. as examples of the genre.

The jam is open for submissions now and all submissions are due on May 30th at 7:00am. I’m very interested to see the types of games that come out of this. I’ll follow up on this article once the jam is complete to talk about some of the games that were made.

Are you and indie dev with a love of cyberpunk? Do you plan on participating in this jam? If so, get coding and head on over to the jam page and get your entry submitted by the 30th!

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