A RoboCop Prequel Series Is Possibly Being Made but Won’t Be About RoboCop

The series will follow a young Dick Jones, the morally reprehensible Senior Vice President of Omni Consumer Products.

Anyone who has seen RoboCop knows that the character of Dick Jones is morally corrupt to say the absolute least. But what made him that way? We might find that out, actually. In an exclusive interview with Moviehole, original RoboCop script writer Ed Neumeier revealed that he is working with MGM on a RoboCop-adjacent prequel series that will follow the life of a young Richard Jones and his rise to power as the Senior Vice President of Omni Consumer Products.

The only catch, at least for fans of the RoboCop character himself, is that the show won’t actually feature RoboCop. Neumeier explains:

There’s the idea of doing things about business and law enforcement in the city of Detroit a minute-and-a-half in the future, it would be a way to do all sorts of stories about business and tech, Silicon Valley, corporations, snakes in suits, cops, all that. It’s a wonderful rich tapestry.

-Ed Neumeier

This may disappoint some fans, but it honestly sounds like it has the potential to be an interesting series to me. We would have a chance to see how the city of Detroit became so corrupt in the first place and who assisted Jones’ ascent to power. It would be a chance to see what was happening behind the scenes that got things to the point to where RoboCop was actually needed.

If done right, a RoboCop prequel series without titular character could be an interesting idea worth exploring. The show has not been officially green-lit yet so it is entirely possible it could end up in production hell and never see the light of day. But if it does, I’ll be watching without a doubt to see how this slimy corporate boss was able to get away with, uh, literally everything he did.

[via Moviehole]

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