SIRUS Releases New Single and Video “Save and Suffocate”

The new song by the Austrialian cyberpunk trio is simultaneously pretty and gritty, which is kind of their thing.

Self-described Melbourne cyberpunk electronica trio SIRUS have released a new single, “Save and Suffocate” with an accompanying music video this week. The music video was premiered exclusively by Side-Line Magazine. It will be the band’s first single release since 2020 and it’s packed with emotional intensity.

The “Save and Suffocate” video starts by showing what appears to be a brushfire causing devastation. The video then cuts to singer Josh Rombout dressed as a firefighter standing amidst the flames as he begins his emotional vocal delivery. This is perhaps a reference to the recent Australian wildfires which burned for nearly 240 days and have been declared one of the worst wildlife disasters in modern history.

Bridging the divide between bass music and progressive metal in the way that only SIRUS know how, “Save And Suffocate” is another slab of heavy electronics fused with furious guitar riffs somehow amplifying even more the rich vein of previous hits like “Full Scale Revolt” and “Singularity”. Stand by to be slapped in the face even harder than Chris Rock.

Save and Suffocate’s Bandcamp Page

The song itself is juxtaposes melodic synthpop with heavy industrial metal and glitch giving “Save and Suffocate” an emotional hybrid of melancholy, frustration, and anger. If the song is in fact referencing the wildfires, either literally or symbolically, the mood the song creates fits.

“Save and Suffocate” marks the first single release by the band since 2020’s “The Book of Gates.” The band’s Bandcamp Page for the single calls it “a foretaste of the upcoming new SIRUS album,” which will be its first full-length release since 2018’s Apocrypha.The single can be preordered on the band’s Bandcamp page now and is due out on April 15th.

[Source: Side-Line Magazine]

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