Cyberpunk Card Battle Game City Wars: Tokyo Reign Released on Steam Early Access

The deck building card battle game by UK studio Mojo Bones was initially announced last year.

Last year UK game dev studio Mojo Bones teased a new game with a simple title screen for a game they were developing called City Wars: Tokyo Reign. No one knew anything about it at the time but it was notably cyberpunk looking. This got our attention as you can imagine. The game was later revealed to be a cyberpunk-themed card battle game. So our attention held.

CITY WARS: TOKYO REIGN promises to take the genre in a bold new direction by fusing the strategy and customisation of a traditional CCG with the tactile, physicality of a block puzzler. Undertake a journey of survival as you aim to navigate NEO-TOKYO and conquer the elusive SHADOW DISTRICT.

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Yesterday however, City Wars: Tokyo Reign was released on Steam Early Access. This of course means that the game is still in development. But you can play it now if you fork over $24.99 for the privilege. This is Mojo Bones we’re talking about, so you’re going to get a quality game even in its incomplete state.

In addition to the Early Access release yesterday, we learned that the City Wars: Tokyo Reign’s soundtrack was composed by synthwave artist Mitch Murder. The album was also released on Mitch Murder’s Bandcamp page for a name-your-price option. The album was also put up for free on Mitch Murder’s YouTube channel. It’s a delightful and short soundtrack that works perfect for some nice cyberpunk background music.

I’ve definitely taken more of an interest in card battle games recently due to the sheer number of interesting ideas coming out, often from indie game studios. City Wars: Tokyo Reign is definitely one I’m interested in playing and I’ll try to get a review up once the game is out of Early Access.

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