Jack Move Is a Turn-Based RPG Coming this September

Jack Move

Indie game developer So Romantic and publisher HypeTrain Digital have announced that Jack Move is coming out this September. Jack Move is a turn based RPG inspired and influenced by classic Japanese RPGs and 80’s cyberpunk anime like Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

In Jack Move you take on the role of Noa Solares, a neophyte hacker whose father has been kidnapped by a mega-corporation known as Monomind. Her father was researching digital consciousness and Monomind seems to want whatever it is he discovered. Noa makes it her mission to get her father back along with some help from her best friend Ryder and her uncle Guin.

In addition to the glorious animated sequences as seen in the above trailer, Jack Move utilizes a turn-based battle system and a classic-looking pixel art style reminiscent of the 80’s media that has inspired it. Check out some of the beautiful pixel art in the screenshots below and tell me you’re not excited.

Jack Move has been in development for some time but we finally have a release date. The game is set to be released on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Humble Store on September 8th. And for consoles (Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One) on September 20th.

Pixel art, anime, 80’s, and cyberpunk. Yeah, this ticks all the boxes for me. I’m definitely going to be checking this game out next month when it releases and hopefully come back here with a review at some point in the near future.

[Source: Finger Guns]


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